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Employers and carriers can significantly reduce workers’ compensation and disability claim costs by returning the injured employee to the workforce as soon as they are released to modified or light duty. Studies show that “a properly administered program can realize an $8 to $10 savings for every dollar invested in a proactive return-to-work program” (Batterson, L.M., Fyfe, B.J. & Weigand, D. (2009), Return-to-Work Programs, RM Insight).

ReEmployAbility’s return-to-work program, Transition2Work, offers employers and carriers a cost-effective solution to modified light duty assignments, reducing claim costs while giving the injured worker time to heal. Utilizing our accredited, national network of more than 35,000 nonprofit partners, we create innovative programs to help accommodate injured workers in the transition back to work. During their temporary volunteer assignment at a nonprofit in their community, injured workers become reacquainted with the work experience, while boosting their self-confidence, improving their sense of worth, and keeping in touch with the daily work routine.


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